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Food and Beverage

A popular guacamole brand struggled to out-perform other players in the ready-to-eat guacamole category and wanted to understand why. The company needed to understand exactly what product experience their guac-loving consumers were looking for in order to crush the competition.
The leading US pet food producer realized they needed to step up their Super Premium Cat Food formula to compete. The client needed to understand which sensory elements matter the most to pet parents to optimize their recipe and continue their legacy of excellence.
Maple Hill Creamery, a large organic dairy brand, wanted to take its low-sugar offerings to the next level by completely removing sugar from its milk products. To ensure the new product maintained its farm-fresh, creamy taste without the sugar, they needed to understand their consumers’ dairy priorities.
A top beverage company experimented with the sugar source for their most popular sports drink. To understand how each formula affected athletes’ performance in real time, they captured in-the-moment insights during real-life stationary bike workouts.
The world’s leading manufacturer of confectionery, pet food, and other food products partnered with Curion to understand how consumer perception, satisfaction, and consumption of their mini chocolates is impacted when consumed in different environments.