Curiosity thrives here.

We’re a team of problem-solvers, abstract-thinkers, doers, and innovators. If you excel in fast-paced environments that rely on collaboration, are always up for a challenge, and weave together creative and scientific thinking, you’ll fit right in. Become a team member and help us create customized methodologies for leading global brands, contribute to world-class solutions, and gain unmatched consumer insights experience.

A culture of collaboration

We don’t just value each of our team members’ opinions; we genuinely need and celebrate each person’s perspective. As an insights company, innovation is a daily, moment-by-moment requisite for adapting to our clients’ needs. Accomplish this at the highest level requires all hands to always be on deck.

Our routine is never routine

Around here, concepts and projects flow in and out almost as regularly as the days change. We love it because it keeps us constantly learning. You’ll absorb information about a broad spectrum of industries, from CPG behemoths to boutique makeup brands, and play an active role in innovation along the way.

People are our priority

At Curion, we believe in the power of a closely-knit team. Our organizational structure is built around the idea of employees at every level regularly communicating and building relationships with senior-level members of our team. Whether you’re attending Curion Day or simply getting to know coworkers at lunch, the emphasis we place on people will be apparent.

Where art and science meet

If you’re an abstract thinker with a mind for details and making unrelated parts come together, you’re in the right place. At Curion, the real magic happens when quantitative data analysis intersects brainstorming and creativity. Who says the two have to be mutually exclusive?