Cutting back on costs without compromising quality

Cutting back on costs without compromising quality
The Curion Score™ paves the way to reformulation confidence
Armed with Curion Score’s™ data-backed category understanding, the client reformulated its original recipe while prioritizing repeatable delight – and saved $500K in the process.


Our current economic climate introduces obstacles for many companies, including supply chain delays and inflation. A large breakfast food manufacturer facing these challenges decided to reformulate a product line to lower costs and increase profit margin. To avoid alienating and losing valued customers, the client wanted to ensure their updated recipe measured up to the original product experience.

Our Approach

Step 1

Define Test Audience

Curion recruited 149 consumers who use boxed pancake mix at least once every three months.


Step 3

Product Testing with Consumers

Participants evaluated two pairs of samples, each consisting of one prototype and one control.


Step 2

Define Test Method

We launched a Central Location Test (CLT) to gauge consumers’ overall liking and risk of product alienation in a controlled environment.

Step 4

Compare and Analyze

Our team pulled Curion Scores™ for each prototype to compare against the original formula’s results.



While our CLT methodology proved the samples to be neck-and-neck in terms of product-liking and risk of alienation, The Curion Score’s™ market-aligned perspective illuminated which prototype would best perform within the category. Our layered approach to research empowered elevated decision-making, mitigated risk of consumer rejection, and saved our client over $500K in ingredients, with just a $20K investment.