Transforming “Good Products” into “Great Products”

Chew on this: 40 years of insights applied in seconds
A large confectionary company wanted to create a chewing gum product that wasn’t simply better than its direct competitors, but to curate an unparalleled gum experience across the entire category. Achieving this goal meant forming an objective, data-driven understanding of product performance.


We unlocked the concise, precise category transparency to align the product with the client’s goals, saving thousands in additional research and ensuring a successful launch.

Our Approach

Step 1


Our team creates a product-aligned insights strategy customized to the client’s unique client goals. 

Step 2


We extracted data points from the product, such as Over-All Likeness score and other key success indicators throughout the study. 

Step 3


By instantaneously comparing product data points to years worth of data, we create a Curion Score for the product. 



Curion Score provided transparency into the product’s performance compared to category rankings and key competition, empowering granular market understanding.