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When we partner with a brand to reveal their most authentic product narrative, it always becomes personal. We obsessively work to execute the perfect methodology to unlock their products’ potential throughout every stage of product innovation. Spend some time browsing to see how we’ve done just that.

Recent Case Studies

A mega CPG retailer explores store messaging and advertising for an integrated and customer-centric shopping experience across hundreds of locations.
Data-driven insights for a key pizza ingredient can serve as a blueprint for adaptability and success when it comes to increased purchase intent, enhanced product satisfaction, and new supplier partnerships.
Curion’s all-encompassing PXP approach unearths loads of key insights for a national chain's core product, empowering the client to transform and achieve superior product enhancements and brand differentiation.
Product testing with agility, paired with a Curion Score™, provided this multinational food and drink client with rock-solid confidence at lightning speed.
Through a dynamic partnership with Curion, the second-largest supermarket grocery store chain in North America has harnessed strong collaborative strategies to empower multiple divisions under its umbrella.
A large confectionery company is seeking to develop recyclable packaging for its line of chocolate candy. To mitigate the risk of alienating consumers, the brand is looking for feedback on how this new packaging may impact purchase interest, product freshness, and packaging appearance.