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When we partner with a brand to reveal their most authentic product narrative, it always becomes personal. We obsessively work to execute the perfect methodology to unlock their products’ potential throughout every stage of product innovation. Spend some time browsing to see how we’ve done just that.

Recent Case Studies

Using the Curion Score™, a Fortune 100 confectionery brand avoided launching an inferior and underperforming product that would have resulted in a loss of millions in revenue if they had been steered by their traditional CLT and OAL approach alone.
A popular and traditional brand of soft drinks was concerned about maintaining relevance with a younger demographic of consumers. They sought to create a new-to-its-kind and game-changing product that will create an impact among young adults. Our co-creation methodology is approached with 3 crucial elements in mind to help teams produce new and unique game-changing ideas with impact:   
Curion's interactive focus group sessions helped a multinational QSR discover key attributes and consumer preferences to help streamline their chicken sandwich product user journey, realizing that moving forward with the simplest design allows big wins for the client.
A large QSR company analyzed their chicken sandwich alongside their competition’s iterations to uncover opportunities to optimize and produce a higher quality product. To understand in a measurable, actionable capacity what differentiated our client’s product from their competition, we leveraged our Quantitative Descriptive Analysis sensory attributes that drove the liking of each QSRs sandwich, effectively and accurately pinpointing the “why” behind consumers’ decision-making method.
A disruptive brand wanted to invest $20M to promote its new energy drink. While working with Ravel to identify the winning copy for launch, the company found none of the ads would be effective in the marketplace. The brand began considering firing its global ad agency and needed objective guidance to illuminate its best course of action.
A large CPG company wanted to better understand the potato chip category to shape and fuel its product direction. They knew they not only needed to identify the leading potato chip brands but also consider how the top players differed from one another.