Ensuring pet parents are feline good about their cats’ food

Curion’s Blueprint insights make anything paw-sible
The leading US pet food producer realized they needed to step up their Super Premium Cat Food formula to compete. The client needed to understand which sensory elements matter the most to pet parents to optimize their recipe and continue their legacy of excellence.


We provided the client with a clear and actionable roadmap for reformulating their cat food recipe to purr-fection, paving the way for uninterrupted market dominance.

Our Approach


First, we identified pet food’s physical attributes into characteristics most likely to be considered by pet parents, including shape, size, color, and smell. 


Through our Curion BluePrint model, we distilled insights for each product feature.


Then, we developed each testing stage to focus on a different sensory characteristic.


Pet parents analyzed each feature’s ability to convey the desired result through numerical rating and open-ended, focused discussion.


By siloing pet food elements and uncovering qualitative and quantitative insights for each, we provided actionable, measurable direction forward.



Using our insights, the client adjusted their product R+D to reflect pet parents’ priorities and create a product that affirms their pet health goals. This newly-launched reformulated cat food recipe exceeded consumers’ expectations and reinforced the clients’ majority market share in the pet food space.