Curion Score separates the best from the rest

Annotation 2023-02-27 110838
Empowering insights that go above and beyond traditional KPIs
A large ice cream company wanted a deeper understanding of the novelty ice cream category. They needed transparency into what drives consumer liking and insight into top products’ competitive advantages.


Curion Score unveiled the market health of 12 leading products, revealing opportunities and liabilities within the category to inform the client’s innovation.


  • The traditional KPI Overall Liking (OAL) identified the top-performing products from the others but couldn’t further differentiate the top tier. 
  • Curion Score’s highlighted the variability of 26% between top products in the novelties category.


Curion Score’s benchmarking comparison capability uncovered significant differences between leading products that would have been undetectable. Armed with this knowledge, the client made market-aligned, strategic product decisions.