Don’t Guac, Run, to All-In-One Research Partner

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How Curion spiced up this ready-to-eat favorite
A popular guacamole brand struggled to out-perform other players in the ready-to-eat guacamole category and wanted to understand why. The company needed to understand exactly what product experience their guac-loving consumers were looking for in order to crush the competition.


Armed with two-tiered product understanding, the client’s unstoppable ready-to-eat guacamole product quickly gained market share and increased revenue.

Our Approach

Curion worked within its diverse teams to form the most comprehensive, dynamic product narrative possible.


Diverse teams were chosen to pioneer a Quantitative A&U study to better understand the competitors and its customers’ product preferences and perceptions.


Leveraging the brand awareness, perceived attributes, and insights into the competitor brands, Curion selected the highest ranked brands to include in the CLT study.


Curion’s carefully executed Central Location Test uncovered a more granular product understanding, highlighting specific areas for optimization such as taste, consistency, and overall liking.



With Curion’s collaborative single-source diverse teams  supporting them every step of the way, the client received a holistic picture of the pivotal areas for product optimization, exceeding their consumers’ needs and expectations and gaining market share.