Making a splash in the RTD seltzer and wine market

Cracking open an ice-cold can of innovation


With wine consumption rates down 2% YOY and the hard seltzer market growing fast, Constellation Brands wanted to leverage its Woodbridge Wine brand to make a big splash in the ready-to-drink category. Realizing “wine soda” could marry the desire for novel alternative alcoholic beverages with a tried-and-true product, the company needed insights to turn the concept into a “cheers!” worthy reality.

Our Approach

Curion’s elevated approach to liquid testing unlocked comprehensive product understanding, fueled the ultimate wine-fueled bubbly beverage and consumer-aligned branding, and positioned the client to disrupt and impact the RTD industry with effervescence.

Step 1


Curion recruited wine-loving consumers who’d consumed wine in the last month and were open to unconventional alcohol products.

Step 2


Participants sampled 8 different flavors with 2 different carbonation levels over 2 days.

Step 3


For each product tested, participants recorded flavor intensity, concept, color, and carbonation preferences in a questionnaire.

Step 4


Participants were shown different packaging options and indicated which best suited the products.


Curion helped the client create the perfect sparkling beverage, and the immersive liquid testing also connected consumers’ perceptions across the entirety of the product experience to inform consumer-aligned packaging and branding. Constellation Brands launched an innovative and original new product designed to delight wine and seltzer lovers, filling a desired market gap and introducing a welcomed expansion to the RTD industry so consumers can truly Wine Your Way – however, wherever and whenever they want.