Streamlining Data to Propel Product Purpose

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Any category, any benchmark, any objective, anytime.
A well-known confectionery brand developed a new flavor to their established line of candy to create novelty and excitement in their product line. Their goal was to develop a “good enough” product extension, not disrupt the market or create a superior product. They needed a simple answer to the question, “is the quality on par?”


We unlocked the concise, precise category transparency to align the product with the client’s goals, saving thousands in additional research and ensuring a successful launch.

Our Approach

Step 1


Curion conducted a standard industry-leading study gauging overall likeness and other vital factors.

Step 2


We then pulled the Curion Score by comparing the product’s metrics across 40 million product data points across categories and markets.

Step 3


We created a Curion Score report that provided insight into how the product measured up against the product line, competitors, and category as a whole.



Curion Score powered the data-driven product and market understanding to ensure that the product was up to par with competitors, providing the objective benchmarking needed to launch the new flavor confidently