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Food and Beverage

New insights that cover both shared attributes and distinctive qualities in an ideal beer across diverse consumer segments helped carve a unique position for the client to craft precisely tailored products that resonate with specific market preferences while tapping into universal beer trends.
Through Curion’s research, the client harnessed the power of Gen Z’s spending reach around new snacking products that fill whitespace opportunities to delight the young Zoomer generation.
A well-known and trusted sweet confections company is exploring options to manufacture two of their popular hard candy line varieties at a co-manufacturer and wants to confidently ensure that the quality of their products is maintained by testing current sample products against the co-manufacturers sample.
Using the Curion Score™, a Fortune 100 confectionery brand avoided launching an inferior and underperforming product that would have resulted in a loss of millions in revenue if they had been steered by their traditional CLT and OAL approach alone.
A popular and traditional brand of soft drinks was concerned about maintaining relevance with a younger demographic of consumers. They sought to create a new-to-its-kind and game-changing product that will create an impact among young adults. Our co-creation methodology is approached with 3 crucial elements in mind to help teams produce new and unique game-changing ideas with impact:   
A disruptive brand wanted to invest $20M to promote its new energy drink. While working with Curion to identify the winning copy for launch, we uncovered that none of the ads would be effective in the marketplace. The brand began considering firing its global ad agency and needed objective guidance to illuminate its best course of action.