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Seamlessly connecting your brands to your consumers.

At Curion, our ultimate objective is to help brands succeed in the marketplace by fostering a deep connection with their target consumers at every stage in the product development lifecycle. We bridge the gap between brands and their audience, facilitating the creation of memorable products that drive business growth. Our powerhouse team of experts collaborate seamlessly, listening to your needs, challenging assumptions, and building optimal solutions tailored to your business objectives.

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Curion XP Xperience Performance Solutions

Curion’s XP Framework is your guide to navigate the stages of development in one place. Across every stage of your journey, our core teams work together to prioritize consultation over product selling to help you identify your research objectives that will best meet your business outcomes.

Identify Needs & Wants

Discover undeveloped whitespace opportunities and Identify blue ocean strategies.

Conceptualize Breakthrough Ideas​

New product prototypes and trial techniques built to break the boundaries of innovation.

Build Confidence in Your Launch​

Interpret the authenticity of the product idea with testing, resulting in clarity for market preparation.

Perform and Optimize​

Develop product marketing and emotion-led advertising to engage consumers for optimum performance.

Continue Delivering Results​

Reassess and enhance product performance with revised explorations and reinvention.

We’re with you, every step of the way

We’re committed to supporting our clients throughout their product development journey. Our innovative XP Xperience Performance model offers in-and-out flexibility, allowing clients and their brands to engage at any stage of the process. Whether you’re at the concept testing phase, prototype testing, or product claims and market validation, Curion’s comprehensive consumer insights and product testing solutions seamlessly integrate with your needs, ensuring you meet your business outcomes.

Stepping in at the end, or any stage of your product development journey.

We uncovered loads of key insights to improve the performance of a national chain’s core product, which allowed the client the agility to transform and achieve superior product enhancements and brand differentiation.

Multi-stages, multi-years, hundreds of locations, huge outcomes

Through a dynamic partnership with Curion’s multi-stage platform that spanned years across hundreds of projects which answered tons of business objectives, a mega retail chain empowered multiple divisions under its umbrella with ironclad strategies that won brand loyalty in each decision.

Trusted by global brands

Curion is the trusted partner for leading global brands in consumer insights, market research, and product testing. Our long-standing clients, spanning multiple industries, return to us year after year for diverse projects. With innovative approaches and a global reach, Curion delivers actionable insights that drive product success. It’s why top companies worldwide consistently choose Curion for their consumer-centric product development needs.

When our clients win, Curion wins.


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