Your New Action Standard

Utilizing a vast database of 587 million data points, the Curion Score™ evaluates product performance within the complete category context, incorporating a greater set of product performance indicators to provide a comprehensive metric that empowers your decision making process.

Quantify your competitive advantage

Unlock product insights beyond a single study

Great product experiences lead to repeat purchase

Our mission is to lead clients to create and develop products that make a meaningful impact in the lives of consumers, fostering repeated purchases.

Traditional benchmarking and OAL still left clients asking, “Is my product good enough?” Recognizing the significance of a stellar product experience during product launches, we developed the Curion Score™, delivering a comprehensive product performance score to elevate your product goals to new heights.

How it works


Define the category and key benchmark products to field study.


Employ proprietary technology to distill results – the Curion Score.


Benchmark the Curion Score against other tested products.


Deliver the Curion Score with category percentiles and actionable insights.

At Your Fingertips

Leverage more of your data and insights collected from your research study.

With access to data assets beyond your single study, see how your product stacks up to the competition.

At the center of any repeat purchase decision is a good product.

Case Studies

Any category, any benchmark, any objective, anytime.

A well-known confectionery brand developed a new flavor to their established line of candy to create novelty and excitement in their product line. Their goal was to develop a “good enough” product extension, not disrupt the market or create a superior product. They needed a simple answer to the question, “is the quality on par?”

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