Life happens, authentic insights follow.

Imagine this: a consumer is finishing a quick shopping run, spots an ice cream truck, and grabs two scoops in a cone. They delight on it as they walk around town and notice it’s quite challenging to eat the cone while multitasking, or it’s too messy to eat while walking around. The truth is, consumers aren’t going to encounter products in a lab, but throughout their every day lives. 

Bring your products to life through insights with a pulse.

Our in-context approach provides transparency into how your consumer interacts with products amid their day-to-day lives. Whether that’s stashing a snack bar in their purse for later or making a meal in a crunch, genuine insights come through real-life situations.

The Power of In-context Research

Capture Variation

Leverage the benefits of biases, reduce market failure, ensure package messaging communicates the message that you want to get across at a glance.

Involve your Consumers

Bring the consumers back to center of the brand by getting closer to your consumers in the environments of their lifestyle.

Optimize Your Marketing

Curion’s in-context research will help you with optimizing your attribution marketing strategy.