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How can brands captivate customers through immersive, multi-sensory brand experiences? We uncover real-world case studies from retail, beauty, apparel, food, and beverage brands that have mastered memorable brand experience strategies to create deep emotional connections that turn into customer loyalty.
Consumers are more mindful than ever about value tradeoffs, and if brands don't understand what those tradeoffs are for their products, failure is bound to occur. It’s now a necessity for brands to lean into product testing and consumer research to uncover insights on value perceptions around their product, and what their consumers are willing to trade for a satisfied purchase.
Dive into the emotions and feelings of cosmetics and personal care product experiences and explore how they impact purchasing decisions. How do human senses engage in these experiences, and how can we measure responses qualitatively and quantitatively? Together, these insights can enable the design of better, more consumer-aligned products that resonate with desirable emotions and build stronger brand connectivity.
The health and wellness choices consumers are making are constantly reshaping markets and industries. So, why do they change so much and so often? We reveal factors that impact product purchases and uncover how the healthy consumer profile has changed over time, and future health trends brands can build their future strategies around.
With a whirlwind of changing trends based on changing consumer preferences, it can be difficult to know where to focus new product developments and existing optimizations for the best results for your brand. That’s why it’s crucial for brands to continue to stay ahead of the curve and understand their consumer behaviors and preferences that hold the power to make or break repeat product purchases.

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