Insights that Transcend a Single Study

Curion Score Water
The Curion Score powers informed investments
The client needed to prove their new product’s worth to investors to secure the next round of funding. They wanted an objective measurement of their product’s relative performance to demonstrate their product was worth the investment.


A beverage brand leveraged Curion’s extensive product database and it’s first-of-its kind composite score, Curion Score, to give a new perspective that transcended beyond the scope of their study.  Using the new-to-the-world product, the brand was able to show their product performed better than their key competitors, not only among the products they tested but also others in the category.

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With the added perspective of the Curion Score database, the beverage brand was able to show financial decision makers that not only did they score higher than their competition, but they were also a top performers in the category benchmark database.



The OAL score showed that their product outperformed the competitor but still the question was, are they a strong product or just better than the competitor they tested.  The Curion Score revealed the new product is in the top 10% of the category benchmark database giving them the confidence to move forward with investment.