Insights that Transcend a Single Study

Curion Score Water
Capturing product performance leveraging big data provides confidence to invest
A beverage brand leveraged Curion’s extensive and new-to-its-kind product performance metrics, Curion Score™, to give a new perspective that transcended beyond the scope of their study. Deeper insights were needed across a variety of metrics to determine if it is superior against its competition and category in order to assure executives that this product is a great investment.


Using Curion Score™ unique benchmarking tool capabilities, the brand was able to show their product was superior against the competition and in its category, giving the client (1) proof that their product can win in its category; and (2) confidence that their product investment can launch with success. ​

Our Approach

Through the process of using the Curion Score™, a wide span of metrics were tested in the database for this new beverage product. 

The average score for the flavored sparkling water category resulted to 45.1 and the direct competitor for this product test scored 41.5, slightly below average. 

To ensure superior status for this new product, the client needed a score higher than its competitor and above the average score in its category.



With the added perspective of the Curion Score™ tool, the beverage brand was able to show financial decision makers that they outperformed their competition and were recognized as a top performer in the category benchmark database, saving the client over $100K in additional investments on further tests and potential optimizations.



The Curion Score™ was able to analyze product performance data across a large variety of metrics simultaneously and provide one composite performance metric Score. As a new market entrant, the client’s product received a Curion Score™ of 51.7, beating out its competitor and the category average.

Without a Curion Score™, the decision makers would simply know that their product is superior to only one benchmarking metric, instead of the larger scope.™