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When we partner with a brand to reveal their most authentic product narrative, it always becomes personal. We obsessively work to execute the perfect methodology to unlock their products’ potential throughout every stage of product innovation. Spend some time browsing to see how we’ve done just that.

Recent Case Studies

A large confectionary company wanted to create a chewing gum product that wasn’t simply better than its direct competitors, but to curate an unparalleled gum experience across the entire category. Achieving this goal meant forming an objective, data-driven understanding of product performance.
A well-known confectionery brand developed a new flavor to their established line of candy to create novelty and excitement in their product line. Their goal was to develop a “good enough” product extension, not disrupt the market or create a superior product. They needed a simple answer to the question, “is the quality on par?”
A leading coffee maker wanted to update their internal lexicon to better align with consumers’ priorities. To truly challenge their historical assumptions and create more consumer-centric definitions to use in their design guidelines, the client needed transparency into the minds of their consumers.
A popular guacamole brand struggled to out-perform other players in the ready-to-eat guacamole category and wanted to understand why. The company needed to understand exactly what product experience their guac-loving consumers were looking for in order to crush the competition.
The leading US pet food producer realized they needed to step up their Super Premium Cat Food formula to compete. The client needed to understand which sensory elements matter the most to pet parents to optimize their recipe and continue their legacy of excellence.
Papa Johns took a deep dive into the minds of stuffed crust-lovers to identify consumers’ stuffed-crust priorities, product performance differentiators, and opportunities for communication optimization.