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When we partner with a brand to reveal their most authentic product narrative, it always becomes personal. We obsessively work to execute the perfect methodology to unlock their products’ potential throughout every stage of product innovation. Spend some time browsing to see how we’ve done just that.

Recent Case Studies

New insights that cover both shared attributes and distinctive qualities in an ideal beer across diverse consumer segments helped carve a unique position for the client to craft precisely tailored products that resonate with specific market preferences while tapping into universal beer trends.
A well-known popular fast-food giant was exploring a cost-effective formulation change for a key menu item that drives 30% of their business. Using the Curion Score™, the client armed themselves with higher confidence to make a high-impact cost savings decision on a key product on their menu, allowing them to retain their competitive edge without diminishing product quality.
A new fragranced household wipe prototype delights consumers and outshines its existing line and competition, making room for a clean sweep for product success.
Through Curion’s research, the client harnessed the power of Gen Z’s spending reach around new snacking products that fill whitespace opportunities to delight the young Zoomer generation.
Consumer-driven innovations forged a new path for the client into premium product placements, with a focus on unique and healthy flavor blends.
A tech-forward and sustainable ingredients hair care company was interested in determining consumer acceptance and assessing emotional characteristics and reactions to fragrances. Curion's insights boosted confidence in fragrance decisions year after year with sustainability in might for this client.