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When we partner with a brand to reveal their most authentic product narrative, it always becomes personal. We obsessively work to execute the perfect methodology to unlock their products’ potential throughout every stage of product innovation. Spend some time browsing to see how we’ve done just that.

Recent Case Studies

A large CPG company wanted to better understand the potato chip category to shape and fuel its product direction. They knew they not only needed to identify the leading potato chip brands but also consider how the top players differed from one another.
A large beverage company wanted to understand the implications of a new formula being introduced to the category. They needed a comprehensive overview of how this formula compared to the other offerings on the market to gauge the potential threat to their product’s success.
A large confectionery company wanted to improve its chocolate. To optimize the product and improve market performance, the client needed to understand how their offering performed compared to other key players. 
A large ice cream company wanted a deeper understanding of the novelty ice cream category. They needed transparency into what drives consumer liking and insight into top products’ competitive advantages.
Curion BluePrint provides non-traditional and deep insights at the front end of innovation to help create a new line of premium oral beauty care products to be sold in specialty beauty stores. The result? A refined and improved “blueprint” for successful product development. ​
Deep product performance insights are revealed through Curion’s QDA® methodology, leading to a winning solution that addressed current deficiencies and outperformed all others.​