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Because emotions are so subjective and difficult to quantify, understanding them as a driving force behind consumer decision-making requires a way to measure emotions accurately and reliably. American Psychologist James Russell created the Mood Circumplex of Affect, which has been proposed as a general model of human emotions. When our emotions are positive and deactivated, we may feel calm and relaxed. On the other hand, if our emotions are negative and deactivated, we are depressed and bored.
Headquartered in Chicago, IL, Curion partners with the majority of global Fortune 100 companies to provide strategic, research-based data insights designed to address clients’ global initiatives. The opening of the new Sandy Springs Consumer Center expands Curion’s footprint in the Atlanta metro area. The Center will provide additional capacity to meet the ever-growing research needs of its customers by better connecting them with consumers via the most advanced technology, research methods, and cutting-edge solutions.
The role of emotion in consumers’ quick-serve experiences becomes particularly relevant in the context of product-liking and consumer experience. Emotions are the neural glue that connects every facet of our human experience, including movement, memory, metabolism, thoughts, context, and sensations. Acting as gatekeepers to our conscious lives, emotions dictate what we pay attention to, help us prioritize information, and determine how we react.
The Curion Score is a single number that holistically captures the performance of the product, which can be compared against a normalized database. The Curion Score is analyzed against products within a category to reveal competitive advantages, gauge market readiness, and empower more comprehensive product understanding.
"Summit Park’s depth of experience, leadership, and overall historical success were a perfect fit to achieve Curion’s goals and grow our platform to a world-class leader in consumer product insights. I look forward to the next chapter of industry disruption partnering with the Summit Park team."
“We’re extremely excited to gain a seasoned insights professional like Justin Doran and cannot wait to see how his work transforms Curion’s growth in the future.” – Sean Bisceglia, CEO
"Front Seat at the Revolution" Volume Two focus on brand new brands that are substantially disrupting the consumer products sector, and the trailblazers behind them. Many of the brands featured in the first “cohort” later emerged as huge winners; Allbirds shoes, Peloton home fitness, Hello oral care, and Olly vitamins are amongst them. Volume Two features promising and provocative new brands such as Magic Spoon cereal, Brightland oils, and Vacation sun care.
“Part of the journey of relaunching the Famous Amos brand was to bring best-in-class ingredients to the consumer,” says Joey Kreger, client services director of Curion.
71% of Curion’s workforce is women, fostering a culture of mutual respect and building a better team, making space for questions and mistakes along the way. “It’s so important that everyone knows their worth and power within the company, and that happens through respect,” says Curion President Keren Novack.
“It’s so important that everyone knows their worth and power within the company, and that happens through respect,” says Curion President Keren Novack.
"Our mission is to create the best product stories possible. Our Boston Consumer Center will open the door for World Class CPG and durable goods insights to our clients in the Northeast." – CEO Sean Bisceglia