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CFBN Presents Insiders’ View: Acquiring and Being Acquired

When it comes to adapting to ever-changing consumer preferences, food and beverage companies often exercise one of these options:

1) Change their ingredients in current products to make them healthier, more innovative, or fitting of a new trend or offering

2) Internally develop new products – with all the R&D, marketing, and innovation budgets and time to do so Or,

3) Acquire or merge with a younger company with their finger already on the new product or channel.

The role of acquisitions in the growth of a big brand and a small brand can often be crucial to their long-term success. But, the relationship between those players – and how they wield that capital and their new relationship over time can be even more important.

Join us for a conversation exploring growth capital, the current acquisition space, and the role that the big brand – small brand relationship development plays during our final Founders Series conversation for 2020.