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“With our key strategic initiative of Life Labs, a disruptive approach to in-context research, Patricia will be critical in our growth.”
“We’re delighted to have Greg join our team. His strengths include both the ability to think and plan at the strategic level and to manage the day-to-day, tactical challenges of rapidly changing organizations. His experience and drive will help Curion as we introduce disruptive tools for our clients and grow our footprint.”
Read the latest Food Dive article where Curion’s CEO, Sean Bisceglia, speaks to how product and consumer insights firms must evolve to integrate large shifts in the industry and how his company has created services to pair with these transformations.
“The most revered food and beverage companies are having to evolve how they create new products to stand out on the shelf. With this evolving creation process, our research methods must also evolve…”
“We have brought in professionals from leading Fortune 500 companies, including leading data companies and airlines as we need support to continue our growth and continue to develop and introduce new products.”
How consumers buy and experience food is changing with the emergence of online shopping and a busy on-the-go culture, so it only makes sense that how companies test potential new products also evolves to better align with modern usage and values, according to consumer insight and product testing firm Curion.
“As the future of sensory product testing is replaced with big data, Alyssa will help to guide Curion through this evolution and build a process that will be second to none in the industry for our clients and help them to utilize data as an accurate and measurable indicator.”
Andrew Livermore has been named Senior Vice President of Product & Client Services Strategy
Curion applies its research lens to consumer-driven package design.
Do kids always prefer sweeter products than adults? And are children’s palates really more conservative, or have we ‘trained’ them to like a limited set of flavors (banana, chocolate, vanilla, strawberry) by playing it safe with new launches? And how do you conduct product testing with three-year olds?
Product testing will play an increasingly important role as the cannabis industry gains momentum
Curion Insights, a Deerfield, Illinois-based consumer insights research firm, will pursue bolt-on acquisitions as it looks to triple in size by 2021, CEO Sean Bisceglia said.