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How can brands captivate customers through immersive, multi-sensory brand experiences? We uncover real-world case studies from retail, beauty, apparel, food, and beverage brands that have mastered memorable brand experience strategies to create deep emotional connections that turn into customer loyalty.
Consumers are more mindful than ever about value tradeoffs, and if brands don't understand what those tradeoffs are for their products, failure is bound to occur. It’s now a necessity for brands to lean into product testing and consumer research to uncover insights on value perceptions around their product, and what their consumers are willing to trade for a satisfied purchase.
Dive into the emotions and feelings of cosmetics and personal care product experiences and explore how they impact purchasing decisions. How do human senses engage in these experiences, and how can we measure responses qualitatively and quantitatively? Together, these insights can enable the design of better, more consumer-aligned products that resonate with desirable emotions and build stronger brand connectivity.
Curion's 50 year history began with the development of QDA, now widely recognized and used as the foundation of many studies that involve the senses. Over half a century, we’ve learned valuable lessons dipped from the past, and the future of Curion remains bright.
The health and wellness choices consumers are making are constantly reshaping markets and industries. So, why do they change so much and so often? We reveal factors that impact product purchases and uncover how the healthy consumer profile has changed over time, and future health trends brands can build their future strategies around.
With a whirlwind of changing trends based on changing consumer preferences, it can be difficult to know where to focus new product developments and existing optimizations for the best results for your brand. That’s why it’s crucial for brands to continue to stay ahead of the curve and understand their consumer behaviors and preferences that hold the power to make or break repeat product purchases.
How are different consumer activities being influenced by the rapid growth of technology and digitization of brands? Deep explorations into advanced digital technologies and solutions can bring brands closer to their target consumers.
Investing in robust testing processes helps brands to position themselves as true industry leaders.
There's a much bigger picture to the overall product sensory experience, encompassing facets of sustainability, personalization, inclusivity and multisensory input — many of which could be powered by AI.
Companies have multiple products at varying stages at any given time. Does your product truly fill a gap for your target audience? Are you launching the best version of your product? Where can your product be optimized? Through the art of product testing and consumer insights, we’re unveiling solutions behind 5 instrumental stages, from exploration to renovation, that exist across the product and consumer insights landscape.
With the growing interest of plant-based alternatives, CPG brands are responding quickly to prioritize the development of plant-based dairy products. But does growing interest equal sales? Loyalty in the dairy category is mixed, with a large majority of U.S. consumers still preferring traditional dairy. There's a broader world of innovation that deserves recognition. Consumers are looking for something unique, and new products and strong competition are all clamoring for the best seat at the table.
Consumer-led industries are shifting toward Generative AI, from predicting market trends to enhancing consumer experiences. At Curion, we seek to understand how we can use AI to further our mission as an organization to better understand the consumer. Curion is embracing the support of AI to help us further interpret human behavior at scale as we continue to lead in this area.