DEERFIELD, Illinois – Curion acquires PVR Research to extend its world class product insights capabilities to expand Curion’s presence into the South. With the support of Monroe Capital, Curion, the leading product insights company announced a new M&A strategy in April of 2020 to focus on expanding its influence and client base. Driven by seasoned CEO, Sean Bisceglia, Curion’s growth approach is off to a strong, strategically-sound start.

Not only does PVR Research offer the geographical diversity to catalyze more robust and comprehensive insights, but the company’s state-of-the-art research facilities and expansive labs provide the perfect launchpad in Atlanta, Georgia. PVR Research leads in world class consumer testing, along with world class professionals uncovering those consumer insights that make the difference between product success or failure.

The integration between the two companies, expands Curion’s consumer insights capabilities beyond sensory science, provides expansive research facilities, commercial kitchen customized for QSR clients, established processes, and a client list to equip Curion with the bandwidth necessary to grow and innovate.

Curion will enter 2021 armed with a new channel to gain clients, more facilities and labs, and a comprehensive national presence. With these tools, Curion can offer even more dynamic and pivotal support to CPG companies navigating the mercurial post-pandemic market.

As the post-pandemic market continues to shift and CPG companies scramble to pivot and innovate, the need to join forces and collaborate with other insight companies will crack open the door for additional acquisition opportunities. Curion’s M&A strategy is just getting started, according to CEO Sean Bisceglia.

“PVR Research is the perfect fit culturally, geographically and quality. With Curion’s long history of expertise in the Food & Beverage category, expansion into QSR is a natural next step. We are looking forward to the doors that this will open as we continue our strategic growth.” – Sean Bisceglia

Bisceglia is no stranger to the world of mergers and acquisitions. As a four-time CEO, he has successfully founded, sold, and acquired companies’ countless times throughout his almost 30-year long career. In addition to Bisceglia’s pioneering spirit, Curion’s drive to grow and expand reflects the ambition of the company’s primary investor, Monroe Capital, a private credit asset management firm known for its proactive acquisition strategy.

“We are excited to be joining a company with such a strong legacy in product research. As world renowned leaders in the industry, they bring expertise to the table that we are excited to leverage. Our specialization in QSR will bring new opportunities to Curion that will set us up for a successful 2021 and beyond.” – Val Cansler

With the PVR acquisition on the horizon and Sean Bisceglia’s steadfast determination to continue Curion’s growth, the future looks bright for this consumer insights company.

About Curion:
Curion provides world-class quantitative and qualitative product insights. Applying proven industry-leading, innovative methods to service over 65% of Global 100 companies, Curion works with its clients to determine not only what products consumers like but why they are liked and how. As a result, Curion clients mitigate the risk of marketplace failure by ensuring that only products of quality and character will be introduced to the market, providing repeatable delight to their consumers. Curion accomplishes this with its disruptive methods and approaches, sensory processes, facilities, and world-class data insights. In 2019 alone, Curion tested 127,000 consumers across its San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, New York, and Atlanta metropolitan-area facilities.

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