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Sean Bisceglia shares why in-person research methodologies – from focus groups to category appraisals – are so important.
Thank you to everyone who attended. With your support, Curion was able to donate $10,775 to Feeding America
On April 8th, Curion, a leading consumer insights company, launched two promotions to support Feeding America®’s COVID-19 Response Fund.
Though digital testing is a viable temporary solution, online research alone lacks the capacity to become the new normal.
“We believe and have confirmed with the 200 brands we service across the global CPG’s that they are thirsty for a more holistic view of their product research from packaging, product testing and most importantly, innovation for their brands.”
From virtual focus groups to video diaries… ‘Consumers really want to talk now’
Curion, a leading research and consumer product testing firm recently launched LifeLabs.™ an in context-testing approach that allows brands to study the way consumers use their products.
By trying the item at gyms, bars, restaurants and other places where it’s likely to be used, Sean Bisceglia with Curion said companies are increasing the chance that it will be a success.
How big companies test things, remove bias, and innovate forward with Keren Novack, VP of Client Services, Curion
Our research has revealed that the most accurate consumer insights are born from people interacting with products in their day-to-day lives:
Consumer insights are most authentic when product testing happens in real-world settings
Check out Curion’s CEO Sean Bisceglia on NexxtLevel Brands Podcast where he discusses the importance of consumer data, how Curion does it’s research to collect consumer insights data, and the difference in the ways big brands and small, emerging brands apply this data.