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As an insights company, we dedicate ourselves to sharing industry trends, news, and learning directly with our clients. One of the many ways we intentionally build our insights community is through our illuminating, client-centric events. From webinar series to industry-specific seminars, Curion is constantly creating new opportunities to discuss and learn alongside our clients.

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When you’re up against big challenges with quick turnarounds, crafting the right accelerated approach is essential to charge forward to success.

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When you’re up against big challenges with quick turnarounds, crafting the right accelerated approach is essential to charge forward to success. Daniel Perez, Senior Manager of Consumer Insights at Grupo Bimbo, took the stage with Katie Fellows, SVP of Client Services at Curion during Quirks NY on July 19th.
If everyone is disrupting, how does one stand out? Consumer behavior and purchasing has been upended by historical and social events throughout history, and brands respond with increased competition to the point where even disruption has become commoditized. Curion's Michael Nestrud, PhD., VP of Strategic Accounts, spoke on stage with Campbell's Frank Rapacki, Director of Front of Funnel Innovation & Sensory Design at FEI 2023 in this session: Front End of Innovation: Breaking through in a market of disruptors.
Consumer research can often feel daunting and out of reach for many breweries looking to get feedback on product quality or acceptability during new product development, especially when resources are scarce. ASBC hosts a workshop where Molson Coors Beverage Company moderates alongside Curion to describe the benefits of consumer research, how to define the test objective, and how to organize and execute tap room surveys, focus groups, and Central Location Tests (CLT)/ Home Use Tests (HUT) at a low cost.

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Open-ended responses hold a distinctive power to unveil hidden insights that quantitative measures might miss. Curion ventured to explore the potential of modifying prompts for open-ended questions to influence the context of consumer responses. This research was selected by the Scientific Committee as a "Top Poster," representing the top 10% of all research presented at Pangborn 2023, showcasing its outstanding contribution to the field.
Two leading factors - fragrance and skinfeel - behind consumer experience have the power to dictate whether a product is embraced or discarded. Research consistently reveals that positive emotions heighten product appeal, while negative feelings deter consumer interest. Blue California partnered with Curion to dive into the emotional landscape of skincare, guided by Russell's Circumplex Model, a large library of fragrance descriptors that formed the foundation for understanding consumer emotions.
While liking is crucial, it's only the tip of the fragrance iceberg. Companies are realizing that fragrance can be harnessed to communicate a range of emotions and functional benefits, thereby amplifying the impact of their products. The collaboration between Blue California and Curion dives deep to understand how leveraging fragrance-emotion relationships can revolutionize product development.
Imagine the task of designing a mac and cheese that both kids and adults savor. Each demographic brings unique preferences and sensitivities, making the challenge complex yet rewarding. The goal is not merely to build flavors but to orchestrate a winning product that resonates with every age group. The Kraft Heinz Company and Curion embarked on a mission to unlock the secrets of the perfect mac and cheese for all, using Curion’s Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA®).
Staying ahead isn't just about innovation—it's about proving your product's worth. This brand stepped onto the stage, determined to showcase their products’ superiority over rivals. Their objective? To empower both B2B and B2C brands with compelling claims that would resonate with consumers and industry peers alike.

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