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Curion Brings Consumer Insights to Luncheon Experience at New Products Conference

The Prepared Foods’ 37th annual New Products Conference will take place in Chicago at the Swissotel from September 30th-October 2nd. Featuring the latest information and trends presented by the Food and Beverage Industry’s top experts, the 3-day program will encourage companies to re-think their business efforts to help them obtain an edge on their competition.

As part of the New Products Conference, Chicago-based Curion (, a leader in sensory and consumer product research will host an exclusive Sensory Luncheon experience on September 30th with Swissotel’s lead chef, Dan McGee. After the luncheon, Keren Novack, Curion’s VP of Client Services, will illustrate the application of consumer insights in context using live data from a recent Life Labs™study. Says Novack, “Attendees will be surprised to find out who the consumers are!”

“The most revered food and beverage companies are having to evolve how they create new products to stand out on the shelf. With this evolving creation process, our research methods must also evolve. As more new products are being introduced, the way we think about, approach and apply our methods to gain consumer insights is changing. The area of focus will be how consumers perceive a particular product and the influence of environment- therefore, Curion is innovating both in and out of the lab,” continued Novack.

During 2018, Curion, which serves Fortune 500 and other blue-chip customers in the food & beverage as well as personal care, fine fragrance, and home & fabric care industries, Curion tested 97,000 consumers in its facilities in Chicago, California, Dallas, and New Jersey. The leading legacy brands have long enjoyed the competitive advantage of sensory research, coupled with precise data analytics. Curion aims to make sensory research widely available, recently debuting its eFive™ platform that offers emerging brands and global CPGs quick, accurate, and affordable consumer insights. This solution democratizes access to the knowledge challenger brands need most to succeed with a suite of offerings.

Curion is also using data to transform the way that consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies execute product testing for their brands. While product testing had been one of the last industries to embrace big data, Curion is guiding both long standing and established brands, as well as unheralded and emerging brands in the design of their packaging to meet and optimize consumer preference.

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About Curion:
Curion provides world-class insights. From quantitative to qualitative product research, Curion applies proven industry-leading, innovative methods to service over 65% of Global 100 companies. As a full-service product and sensory insights firm, Curion works with its clients to determine not only what products consumers like but why they are liked and how to make optimizations. As a result, Curion clients mitigate risk of marketplace failure by ensuring that only products of quality and character will be introduced to the market, providing repeatable delight to their consumers. Curion accomplishes this with its expert employees, sensory processes, fully-equipped facilities and data insights. In 2018 alone, Curion tested 97,000 consumers across its San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas and New York metropolitan-area facilities. The result of a merger between Q Research Solutions and Tragon Corp., Curion brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the consumer and sensory science industries and pioneered many of the sensory methodologies considered industry standards today, including Quantitative Descriptive Analysis (QDA)® and Partnership Solutions™.

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