With Sean Bisceglia’s 2018 appointment to Curion CEO created an ardent emphasis on growth and expansion and magnifying influence. Curion’s recently launched growth and acquisition strategy manifests this desire to make a larger footprint. According to Bisceglia, this acquisition and growth strategy will leverage its sales organization, financial resources, and 35 years of product insights heritage while building scale across 65% of the global CPG’s.

Curion is an industry-leading consumer insight and product testing company dedicated to identifying and developing the most innovative and effective approaches to consumer research. The company’s world-class, solution-driven style of delivering insights has already attracted the business of many Fortune 500 CPG companies who heartily depend on the comprehensive product narratives told by Curion’s unique insight strategies.

Curion’s novel product testing capabilities, talent, sales organizations, and reputation as a leader in the world of insights, position it as a uniquely valuable partner to those in like kind and expansion growth markets for the company.

Bisceglia states, “We believe and have confirmed with the 200 brands we service across the global CPG’s that they are thirsty for a more holistic view of their product research from packaging, product testing and most importantly, innovation for their brands.”

As Curion’s services and insights are needed even more desperately in a shifting marketplace, the process of identifying and investing with potential partners will propel mutually beneficial merger and acquisition opportunities. The ambition displayed by Curion’s growth and acquisition strategy mirrors the company’s largest investor, Monroe Capital, a private credit asset management firm.

Curion CEO, Sean Bisceglia, also possesses a deep well of merging and acquisition history. As a four-time CEO, he has successfully founded, sold, and acquired companies’ countless times throughout his almost 30-year long career. With Sean Bisceglia leading the way in conjunction with Monroe Capital’s support and Curion’s own myriad of innovative capabilities, the industry-leading consumer insights company is the ideal candidate for growth.

About Curion:
Curion provides world-class quantitative and qualitative product insights. Applying proven industry-leading, innovative methods to service over 65% of Global 100 companies, Curion works with its clients to determine not only what products consumers like but why they are liked and how. As a result, Curion clients mitigate the risk of marketplace failure by ensuring that only products of quality and character will be introduced to the market, providing repeatable delight to their consumers. Curion accomplishes this with its disruptive methods and approaches, sensory processes, facilities, and world-class data insights. In 2019 alone, Curion tested 127,000 consumers across its San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and New York metropolitan-area facilities.

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