The Fast-Track to Rapid Confidence? Product Testing with Agility

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Lightning Speed For The Greatest Coffee Showdown
A multinational food and drink client developed a new coffee product to compete with its top key competitor. After optimizations to improve their product, the client sought further testing to ensure this new coffee product will launch with confidence and win in the market.


Product testing with agility, paired with a Curion Score™, provided this multinational food and drink client with rock-solid confidence at lightning speed.

Our Approach

Curion’s rapid prototyping process is a robust innovation methodology that shaves off months from client timelines by integrating consumer research into near impossible deadlines, while keeping expectations high for quality insights.

Phase 1

Day 1: Prototype Product Testing

First CLT testing with delivered results within 24 hours.

Phase 3

Day 4: In-Market Product Testing

Second CLT testing in a different market with strongest performing prototypes competing against competing products.

Phase 2

Day 2 and 3: Research and Development Optimizations

Results, analysis, and rapid optimizations in product development for prototypes.

Phase 4

Hand-in-hand with product testing with agility, each prototype received a Curion Score™ to decipher how each product would compete in the market. 

Each Score also outlined the attributes that drove higher liking scores and opportunities to improve lower scores.


Curion’s product testing with agility paired with the client’s rapid prototyping enabled the highest flexibility to adapt and quickly achieve success in two phases instead of three, shortening the process even more.

All new prototypes exceeded the average Curion Score™ action standard in the RTD coffee, iced coffee, & cold brew category.

All the prototypes also beat out the top competitor product for the client, with one clear winner scoring in the top 13% of the whole category.


An undeniable winning product emerged, giving the client the greatest competitive advantage and confidence of success in the market.