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QRS-Tragon Announces Corporate Name Change to Curion

Redwood City, CA. – Curion, formerly known as QRS-Tragon, has completed a comprehensive rebranding effort resulting from the merger of Q Research Solutions and Tragon Corporation.

“The ever-changing marketplace has created exciting new opportunities to transform how we deliver our sensory and consumer research services to our clients,” said David Japhet, Chief Executive Officer. “We began our mission last year to create a platform for developing innovative methodologies, acquire and retain the best talent in the industry and to build one of the largest sensory and consumer research suppliers in the US.”

Curio was a Roman orator and visionary in developing Rome’s first amphitheater. His life’s work was a mix of both fresh thinking and the establishment of a timeless icon. The branding team was inspired by the combination of these accomplishments and from this the name Curion is born – proven methods, fresh thinking.

Mr. Japhet summarized both the merger and the new branding by adding, “With this announcement, Curion reaffirms its steadfast commitment to provide our clients with innovative business solutions and consumer insights, while simultaneously expanding our resources and capabilities to meet the ever changing needs of our clients, whenever and wherever opportunities arise.”


About Curion:

Curion specializes in delivering impactful insights to the world’s top CPG companies, helping them develop winning, repeatedly purchased products. Curion’s deep data-driven product insights, sensory expertise, and state-of-the-art consumer centers enable them to uncover responses to critical client objectives. With over five decades of experience in the product testing industry, Curion is dedicated to guiding clients with their proprietary XP Xperience Performance platform, connecting brands to consumers at every step. An innovator in the industry, Curion recently developed a groundbreaking benchmarking product testing method, the Curion Score™, which has become a trusted and sought after tool within the industry. As one of the largest product and consumer insights companies in the U.S., Curion has built a reputation for excellence and trust among the world’s leading consumer brands. Curion’s commitment to innovation and expertise, coupled with a passion for delivering actionable insights, makes Curion a valuable partner for companies looking to develop and launch successful products.