Turning Up the Heat: Adding Fuel to Spark Unique Product Innovations​

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Adding Fuel to Spark Unique Product Innovations​
After a large appliance company launched a product that failed to meet market expectations, the brand realized an urgent need for new ideas to fill their innovation pipeline. ​


Our proprietary six-step process generated unique ideas that filled a 5-year product pipeline, igniting a new energy and inspiring the company and upper management.

Our Approach

Through Curion’s Fuel methodology, we implemented a six-step process designed to foster greater creativity, inspiration and added layers of focus for the client that will concentrate their needs to develop sharper solutions.


The research framework revealed and prioritized 25 particular consumer needs. These needs fit across 7 different products points of differentiation groups which became the focus for new innovations.


Utilizing Curion’s Fuel methodology, three top areas of focus were revealed and recommended.

Hundreds of short and long-term ideas were generated to inform a five-year innovation pipeline.

The insights empowered the product development team to confidently renew the product line, leaving management feeling inspired and energized.




Non-traditional recruitment methods identified category experts and aficionados. Each respondent was to share a video audition, allowing us to select participants that would be most inspiring. ​



Subject Matter Expert Interviews helped the client team look at their category differently and think outside of the box. One on one interviews with consumers reenacting use occasions, brought additional unarticulated needs to probe for clarity.


Needs Framework

A Needs Framework produces a list of potential opportunities to guide the search for greater understanding.


C-Flow Survey

A survey, written in our coffee chat style, was fielded to gather deeper, more transparent and reliable data. ​



A Needs/Gap analysis mapped with Cluster Analysis revealed underserved consumers and top opportunities for short and long-term products. 


Co-Creation Workshop

A workshop was done with Subject Matter Experts and creative consumers together to prototype concepts.