Simplicity Wins: Consumers Prefer Less New Feature Guesswork

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Less is More with QSR Chicken Sandwich Lovers
American, multinational fast-food chain analyzes the key components of consumer preferences to revitalize their chicken sandwich.


Curion’s interactive focus group sessions helped a multinational QSR discover key attributes and consumer preferences to help streamline their chicken sandwich product user journey, realizing that moving forward with the simplest design allows big wins for the client.

Our Approach

In 2 days, we ran 6 interactive focus groups testing 5 different prototypes.

Step 1

Define Test Parameters

Participants stress-tested liner prototypes by completing two different heavy recipes: one sticky and one liquidy

Step 2

Focus Group Sessions

Two-hour sessions exposed consumers to the entire product usage cycle – prep, usage, serving and storage

Step 3

Gather Insights

Consumers were asked to evaluate the features of each prototype


Quality and fit were key drivers of user experience and buying decisions. Customers also preferred a more streamlined design.


Our client leveraged data to move forward with the simplest design, mitigate losses through preliminary research, and increase shelving positioning and sales by 22% YTD.