QSR Company Uncovers the Secret to the Perfect Chicken Sandwich

Happy young man eating a delicious burger at restaurant. Hungry young guy having stacked burger at fast food cafe.
Consumers identify precisely what they look for in their chicken sandwich experience.
American, multinational fast food chain takes on mission to discover consumer preferences of key product components to revitalize their chicken sandwich.


Revelation of what makes the ideal chicken sandwich for a multinational QSR chain led to product and packaging improvements with the development of advertising claims that sparked greater market share, becoming a main competitor against mega QSR chains.

Our Approach

Through our Qualitative Sensory Immersion QSI® proprietary method, consumers “joined” the client’s product development team to help build the perfect product. The combined teams were able to immerse themselves early in the development cycle, in an interactive discussion with in-depth exposure to concepts and products wherein consumers defined perceived benefits and features to use in enhancing the overall product.

Step 1

Set Up

Curion identified 4 appropriate cities within the US for fielding.

Online research was conducted to map out QSR locations to be used day of providing authentic products for the Focus Groups.

Test trials driving to and from QSR and facility were ran to ensure commute times were adequate.

Step 2


Panelist broke down what makes them crave a chicken sandwich, their perceptions, and needs for meeting expectations.

Panelists evaluated wrapping and its ability to keep the product fresh the commute.

Each component was explored and evaluated to breakdown key attributes.


Insights revealed that consumers had emotional ties between the packaging and product expectations, along with consumer defined language around freshness and flavor.

Key sensory characteristics were revealed behind what makes the ideal chicken sandwich and product experience.


Identifying delights, challenges and opportunities allowed the client to gain insights for product development to use in refining prototypes for the next phase.

Improvements on packaging and freshness allowed our client to drive greater market share through the development of advertising claims.

The QSR improved their chicken sandwich recipe and became a main competitor for their biggest rival, Chick-Fil-A.