Intentional Recruiting Fuels Confident Decision Making

Annotation 2023-03-07 104601
Ensuring Creative Direction Is Worth the Investment
A disruptive brand wanted to invest $20M to promote its new energy drink. While working with Curion to identify the winning copy for launch, we uncovered that none of the ads would be effective in the marketplace. The brand began considering firing its global ad agency and needed objective guidance to illuminate its best course of action.


Leveraging our insights, the client transformed their campaign from a potential market flop to resounding success – already exceeding expectations by 150% with a few more weeks to go.

Our Approach


Our team meticulously approached the recruitment process, spending extensive time planning and executing, and analyzing pre-work with respondents.


As a result, we retained higher-quality participants that contributed exceptional, relevant observations.


These techniques ensure respondents are uninhibited by groupthink and can dive deeper to form more creative solutions.


We then provided an environment conducive to the creative process and aided participants as they contributed actionable, bold insight.



This was a complex study that required many detailed parameters and moving pieces. Curion and its partner showed swift collaboration which empowered the client with 98.5% study completion in just two weeks, informing consumer-aligned optimization and market growth.