Sunscreen Product Tested Against Competitors to Drive Optimization

We revealed consumers’ most relevant needs and desires from their sunscreen experience.
A leader in the personal care industry was interested in comparing two of their key products vs the competitive landscape to understand category drivers & identify any opportunities for product improvement.


Using our insights, the client adjusted their formula and became one of the top three products based on market share in their BDI’s

Our Approach

Curion conducted a benchmarking study to measure our client’s sunscreen performance against 10 top performers in the category through a 10-week blind Home Use Test.


Panelists who had purchased and used sunscreen with a minimum of SPF30 in the past 12 months were recruited.


Over a two-week period, participants used the test products as they normally would, using each one at least 3 times.


The insights gained allowed for our client to improve their weakest sunscreen product. Our client was able to provide sales claims to retailers and go to market faster, driving the new sunscreen formulation to become one of the top 3 products in the market across national retailers.


Positive Drivers

Skin Benefits



Negative Drivers

Undesireable Feel

Undesirable Application

Undesirable Residue