Beauty Company Adjusts Ingredients After Discovering In-Context Insights

Our insights empower companies to make ingredient changes with confidence.


Our research revealed pivotal usage and sensory observations, allowing the client to change their formula before going to market and cut down on ingredient cost savings by 35%.

Testing New Product Ingredients In Consumer’s Context

Key health & beauty aid company wanted to validate the impact of an ingredient change in more consumer realistic situations utilizing a sequential monadic testing design. Test was conducted to evaluate the surfactant replacement and provide cost savings.

Our Approach

Curion conducted a 14-Day Paired Comparison Sequential Monadic Home Use Test across four geographically dispersed markets in the US.

Step 1

Select Test Audience

For the home use test, we targeted a selection of females 18-55 who used the client brand in the past 12 months.

Step 2

Define Use Parameters

Consumers tested the 2 Shampoos with a provided conditioner one at a time; trying each at least 3 times over the course of a week.

Step 3

Collect Impressions

Consumers were asked to complete an online survey at the end of each usage period.


Since the test took place in-home, it provided a more realistic look into consumer-perceived performance.

There were no perceivable technical differences between the formulas; preference and opinion of each were equal.


While there was no loss of overall product opinion and no negative key attributes, there was mention of hair having less of a shine & the new formula had a weaker fragrance. As a result, the fragrance was dialed up saving significant production and ingredient cost to the P&L of the brand.