Curion Score Illuminates Granular Variance Between Products

Annotation 2023-02-27 114410
Data that tells the whole story
A large confectionery company wanted to improve its chocolate. To optimize the product and improve market performance, the client needed to understand how their offering performed compared to other key players. 


While traditional KPIs relate to a single study, The Curion Score empowered the client with category-wide insight needed to make critical decisions prior to launch. 


  • We created a study assessing the taste performance of new chocolate innovations introduced to the market during that year. 
  • The top five products all performed equally, as captured by Overall Liking, Expectation Matching, and Purchase Intent. 
  • The Curion Score captured key differences in category acceptance that would have otherwise gone unnoticed. 


The Curion Score maximized the study learnings by revealing advantages and disadvantages through the lens of category benchmarking. Armed with the knowledge that 2 of their top 5 products performed a 20% benchmarking category deficit compared to their front-runner, the client made educated, future-proof product decisions.