Top performing insights for top performance athletes

A real-life spin on sport drink insights
A top beverage company experimented with the sugar source for their most popular sports drink. To understand how each formula affected athletes’ performance in real time, they captured in-the-moment insights during real-life stationary bike workouts.


Our insights allowed the client to adjust their sweetening method without compromising effectiveness or flavor, empowering them to launch their new recipe confidently and without risk of market failure.

Our Approach

Step 1


Curion recruited participants actively involved in a competitive sport and possessed knowledge of their energy levels while completing cardio workouts.

We took the fleet of stationary bikes to transform the multi purpose rooms into spin studios where we could capture mid-workout insights.


Step 2


Participants worked out for a total of 60 minutes, broken into three 20 minute sessions. 

Before each session, participants tried a different sports drink formula to provide a window into the products’ performance during common demand moments.


Step 3


Immediately after each workout, participants filled out a survey covering performance, overall liking, and specific flavor attributes. 

NASM certified personal trainers oversaw each training session, monitoring each participant’s heart rate and ensuring optimal speed and resistance for their fitness level. 



Using our insights, the client realigned their new recipe to capture the taste and experience consumers’ craved. After running a follow up test and finding drastically improved results, the client launched an improved formula knowing it would provide the same tried-and-true energy and flavor.