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The world of sensory science is experiencing a dynamic transformation. From diverse solutions that bridge the gap between data and emotions, to the thoughtful considerations behind product testing with children, these trends signal an industry poised for innovation.
How, exactly, do our five senses stimulate our desire for quick-service eateries, and affect our emotions as a result? When consumers are immersed into the restaurant experience, sensory stimulations are impacted, sometimes without even realizing it. In the order of how we’d experience these stimuli (sight, smell, sound, touch, and finally taste), concepts and strategies are outlined that can lead to winning solutions for quick-service restaurants.
Sensory and emotional profiling provides nuanced, multi-faceted insight into consumers’ emotional experiences, highlighting opportunities to increase guest connection, brand loyalty, and repeat purchases. When quick-service brands leverage their understanding of consumers’ emotional responses to their products, they can connect to diners on a deeper level and provide solutions to important consumer needs.
If everyone is disrupting, how does one stand out? Consumer behavior and purchasing has been upended by historical and social events throughout history, and brands respond with increased competition to the point where even disruption has become commoditized. Curion's Michael Nestrud, PhD., VP of Strategic Accounts, spoke on stage with Campbell's Frank Rapacki, Director of Front of Funnel Innovation & Sensory Design at FEI 2023 in this session: Front End of Innovation: Breaking through in a market of disruptors.
Curion announces its accreditation and A+ rating awarded by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This achievement underscores Curion's dedication to delivering exceptional customer service and high-quality consumer research and insights. The A+ rating from the BBB acknowledges the company's unwavering dedication to providing best-in-class research, insights, and customer service, as well as qualities such as trustworthiness, honesty, transparency, responsiveness, and honorability.
Consumer research can often feel daunting and out of reach for many breweries looking to get feedback on product quality or acceptability during new product development, especially when resources are scarce. ASBC hosts a workshop where Molson Coors Beverage Company moderates alongside Curion to describe the benefits of consumer research, how to define the test objective, and how to organize and execute tap room surveys, focus groups, and Central Location Tests (CLT)/ Home Use Tests (HUT) at a low cost.
As a part of Authority Magazine's series called “5 Things You Need To Create a Successful Food or Beverage Brand”, Michael Nestrud, PhD VP, Strategic Accounts, dug in with impactful answers. "You should have enough knowledge about the purchaser of your product to create a vignette about them. Who are they? Why do they need this product? What similar products do they use? How often will they buy it? What types of shops will they find it at? Very rarely do brands use classic demographics as their primary targets anymore. Now it’s all about targeting behavior and beliefs."
Launching a new snack or bakery product line is a significant investment—in terms of financial outlay, time put in, resources expended, and other factors. Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery interviewed Curion's Director of Client Services, Rachel Orona, as she answers thought-provoking questions to learn more about developing and testing prototypes in snack and bakery environments.
Rachel Buss, Director of Client Services at Curion, takes us inside the mind of today’s restaurant guest.
In this episode of “Confectionery Conversations”, Candy Industry Senior Editor Liz Parker talks with Michael Nestrud about The Curion Score™, a benchmarking tool that allows brands to compare their product to 500M data points within Curion’s proprietary insights database, and companies that have used it, such as Mars.
Keren Novack, president of Curion, was interviewed by Laura Bianchi, an editor of Crain's Chicago Business. "You can’t really understand a client’s objectives and solve problems without tasting or using a product."
Curion, a full-service product and packaging consumer insights firm, is pleased to announce the successful search for its new CFO, a key leader position filled on December 13th 2022 by Brian Rose.