Translating product guides into consumers' language

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Leveraging our online diary platform to elevate lexicon
A leading coffee maker wanted to update their internal lexicon to better align with consumers’ priorities. To truly challenge their historical assumptions and create more consumer-centric definitions to use in their design guidelines, the client needed transparency into the minds of their consumers.


Curion empowered the client with the tools needed to create nuanced, refocused product guidelines and more consumer-aligned internal lexicon, driving product interest and ensuring superiority in the marketplace.

Our Approach



Recruited ten consumers with mixed demographics and high category usage, who are not rejectors of client’s brand and are looking to buy a similarly priced coffee maker within the next 12 months.



Participants explored an online diary in five parts using Curion’s interactive online platform



Consumers then tracked mixed-media responses to different stimuli using a wide range of methods

  • Open-and close-ended questions
  • Pictures
  • Videos



Using consumer responses, Curion curated video summaries compiled from online diaries capturing up-to-date consumer definitions of key terms 


The consumer-centric definitions and video summaries compiled from the online diary created real, up-to-date consumer language for the coffee maker company to leverage, emphasizing the most important design elements and intimate consumer insights.


Using Curion’s online diary exploration tools consumers tracked their responses to photos, videos, and website content, allowing the coffee maker company to realign their internal understanding of what key design features mean to consumers as well as establishing a hierarchy of importance. The result, a product that matched consumer expectations with strong satisfaction with the product and brand.