Snack Bar Gets A Makeover Ranging from Product to Packaging

Snack bar
What do consumers consider the perfect protein bar? This snack food brand found out, then made it happen.


With BluePrint’s magical insights, this brand created a standout snack bar that aligned with consumer desires and became the second most sold product in its category based on volume.

Building the Best Snack Bar

A leading healthy snack bar brand was looking to leverage consumer insights to co- create the optimal product with all variables considered from packaging and size to appearance and flavor varietals.

Our Approach

Since our client was looking to tackle all pieces of the product design and packaging at once, Curion’s robust BluePrint methodology was perfect for the job. This approach uses consumers’ input to determine the best solution for all elements from positioning, benefits, and product name, to inner and outer packaging, and key attributes of the product itself.

Consumers were taken through six stations, each focusing on a different piece of the product.


We discovered that the new product was very well received as an indulgent snack.

The use of premium ingredients, produced a low-calorie count, making this a suitable replacement for other, less healthy sweet snack options, while avoiding cannibalization within the brand.


With the insights gained, the client was able to develop prototypes for further testing to confirm marketplace acceptance driving brand share and shelf space. Using Curion BluePrint, the healthy snack bar brand was able to identify optimal combinations of packaging, appearance and taste based on consumer perceptions. This launched a path to becoming No. 2 in market within the category.



Consumers were presented with the new product idea and asked to evaluate overall concept liking, purchase interest, flavor varieties and product names.



Consumers were given three products to evaluate  to determine overall liking of taste, texture and purchase interest.



In this stage, consumers evaluated 4 pairs of bars and determined which they preferred based on appearance.



For this stage consumers were asked questions which determined the importance and ranking of each benefit and ingredient.



Consumers were asked to evaluate 6 packaging prototypes to determine packaging attributes, packaging expectations and preferences.



In the final stage, consumers evaluated whether the new product would be used as a replacement and overall value of the product.