Enhancing the shopper journey through customer insights

Shopper journey at grocery store looking for food product
Mastering in-store messaging creates deeper shopping experiences
A mega CPG retailer explores store messaging and advertising for an integrated and customer-centric shopping experience across hundreds of locations.


Deep shopper journey insights generated a new customer-centric shopping experience, poised to increase customer satisfaction, brand engagement, loyalty, and product sales for a mega retailer.

The client seeks to identify the needs, mindset, and motivations of in-store customers. With these insights, the client plans to customize key shopper journey touchpoints with tailored messaging and advertising to improve branded interactions.

Our Approach

Step 1

Recruit and segment

4 unique key shopper segments were targeted for testing.

Step 2

In-store shopper journey

Shoppers visited select stores across multiple days.

Step 3

Shopper journey interactions

Eye-tracking technology captured the shopping journey, including effective and ineffective touchpoint moments with messaging.

Step 4

Qualitative insights

In-depth interviews were conducted following the shopping experience to gather deeper insights into what worked to best connect brands with customers.



Our recommendations to the client explained various strategic points of improvement throughout messaging and advertising to strongly align with the needs and motivations of its shoppers.

Within the final deliverable report, the client received in-depth data that supported our clear implications to successfully plan and execute its model locations to create special in-store moments to improve the shopper journey.

Following our recommendations, the client can confidently identify how in-store brands can connect with their customers to build stronger loyalty through a better shopper journey experience.