Reynolds Rolls Out More Consumer-Friendly Packaging

We leveraged in-context insights to create parchment packaging instructions that stick
Reynolds parchment paper users loved the paper, but had a few complaints. Determined to find a way to give their consumers a better user experience, Reynolds developed a new packaging structure featuring four different sets of instructions for consumers to test and highlight areas for optimization.


Through the partnership of Reynolds Insights Team and Curion, Reynolds was able to successfully evolve their packaging to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver an improved user experience that they hope will increase market share post-launch.

Our Approach

Curion recruited primary household grocery shoppers who regularly baked and roasted using parchment paper. 


Each consumer was sent four potential prototypes accompanied by detailed sets of instructions.


Consumers cooked with and experienced each package type and directions and recorded their reactions through video diaries and surveys. 

Following the study, we invited fourteen participants to help shape the second-generation prototype. 



Using the insights from this study, Reynolds aligned their packaging to meet consumers’ needs. Their new product packaging will elevate the user experience and hopefully lead to increased market share.