Productivity on the line reveals juicy insights

Annotation 2023-05-01 091300
A sweet testing methodology delivers the hard candy truth
A well-known and trusted sweet confections company is exploring options to manufacture two of their popular hard candy line varieties at a co-manufacturer and wants to confidently ensure that the quality of their products is maintained by testing current sample products against the co-manufacturers sample.


A hard candy manufacturer saves months of time and cost around productivity and mitigates consumer alienation with the potential of switching to a new co-manufacturer.

Our Approach

We broke the tests into two segments to represent each of the hard candy varieties.


Consumers were very descriptive about the color, shape, and texture of the new prototypes when compared to the well-known hard candy they know and love.

The differences were noticeable between the sample and the prototype, and the consumers preferred the sample over the new prototype.



Consumer acceptability concerns had surfaced, and it was evident that the new prototype quality was not quite up to par. Noticing these results, the client was able to mitigate risks of changing to a new co-manufacturer without further optimizations, which would alienate current product users.