Ordering up insights that drive in sizzling results for fast-food chain

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Curion Score™ provides confidence to fast-food chain
A well-known popular fast-food giant was exploring a cost-effective formulation change for a key menu item that drives 30% of their business. Pursuing a change of this magnitude will drive huge profitability, so the team needed strong confidence that the reformulation change will be accepted by its QSR patrons.


Using the Curion Score™, the client armed themselves with higher confidence to make a high-impact cost savings decision on a key product on their menu, allowing them to retain their competitive edge without diminishing product quality.

Our Approach

The client teamed up with Curion to test productivity efforts on two key menu item products.

  • Initial CLT was conducted in one market. The results proved the productivity efforts affected the patron eating experience with noticeable changes but inconclusive findings on acceptability.
  • Further testing was conducted, but refielded in a second market to gain deeper insights and understanding.
  • To ensure absolute confidence for this decision, Curion Score™ was used to show a deeper level of insights, even after looking at the combined set of data from both markets.

Step 1


Define the category and key benchmark products to field study.

Step 2


Employ proprietary technology to distill results – the Curion Score™.

Step 3


Benchmark the Curion Score™ against other tested products.

Step 4


Deliver the Curion Score™ with category percentiles and actionable insights.


  • Productivity efforts had no impact to the Curion Score™ for one key menu item product.
  • Productivity efforts had positively impacted the Curion Score™ for the other key menu item product.


Based on the deep insights provided by the Curion Score™, the client decided to execute their formulation change and carry out their plans to the next level into large market testing.