A slice of new suppliers leads to tasty insights for a key pizza topping ingredient

Annotation 2024-01-31 153554
Reinventing the slice, one data-bite at a time
Facing high product demand and potential supply chain shortages, one of the top five largest pizza restaurant chains wanted to qualify alternative suppliers for their distinctive key pizza topping ingredient.


Data-driven insights for a key pizza ingredient can serve as a blueprint for adaptability and success when it comes to increased purchase intent, enhanced product satisfaction, and new supplier partnerships.

Our Approach

Curion conducted a CLT that dug deep into a single major attribute on a complex product.

Step 1


Curion carefully screened and recruited 150 participants that identify as client’s brand lovers and heavy users.

Step 2


All control and test products were prepared at the client’s local QSR location and delivered to Curion’s testing facility to replicate a similar in-home delivery experience.

Step 3

Sight Evaluation

Participants visited visual stations to evaluate the full-build pizza products with a focus on the key pizza topping ingredient.

Step 4

Taste Evaluation

Participants tasted various full-build pizza products from the current supplier and alternative suppliers.



With surprising results that their current supplier’s product is underperforming against several alternatives, the client used the results from Curion to work with their current vendor to optimize the overall product profile of the key ingredient, leading to an improved product and consumer experience.

Two new partnerships with alternative suppliers have also been identified that can successfully create equally superior products in preparation for high product demand.