Optimized Meal Kits Provide More Flavor and Convenience

Family Making Dinner
Our insights pave the way to pre-made perfection.


After adjusting their product’s preparation instructions and ingredient communication, the client saw consumer satisfaction skyrocket and sales increase by 57%.

In-Context Testing Captures Missed Insights, Preventing Marketplace Failure

The third largest CPG company in North America was seeking feedback on their new meal kits, designed to be a quick and easy solution for a fresh dinner every night.

Having scored exceptionally well within Curion’s standard booth CLT, the client wanted a more in-depth look into the packaging of the ingredients and preparation process. They were concerned these would not align to the original concept goal of being “quick and fresh”. The client wanted to first understand how consumers respond to the ingredients and final meal after firsthand preparation.

Our Approach


Consumers were recruited based on interest in purchasing shelf-stable meals from Curion’s proprietary database


The client was onsite to monitor the preparation process


Consumers were asked to prepare the meal kits in Curion’s industrial grade kitchens. Participants were given proper preparation instructions


Participants were asked open- ended questions about the preparation process along the way


After preparation, consumers answered an online survey regarding their experience and overall taste of the product


Consumers found several aspects of the preparation somewhat difficult to execute.

Certain ingredients were also perceived as “not so fresh” based on its packaging.

This product ranked overall lower through our in-context approach, LifeLabs® than the initial CLT, exposing several areas where the client could improve their meal kits, specifically within the preparation process.


Our client was able to adjust the preparation instructions and communication about the packaged ingredients to convey a more “quick and fresh” product overall, leading to higher consumer acceptance and satisfaction increasing sales by 50%.