Insights that Defy Traditionally-Defined Category Limitations

Annotation 2023-02-28 134129
Data-driven product understanding fuels future-proof innovation
A large beverage company wanted to understand the implications of a new formula being introduced to the category. They needed a comprehensive overview of how this formula compared to the other offerings on the market to gauge the potential threat to their product’s success.


The Curion Score revealed the new formula’s competitive advantages and projected market performance, highlighting the client’s weaknesses and informing future innovation initiatives. 


  • The new formula performed better than well-known leaders both in the beverage industry and independently from the defined benchmark category. 
  • To stay competitive, the beverage company learned they needed to prioritize their own innovation and product optimization. 


Curion Score’s elevated category-wide insight warned of a disruptive new product before any of the client’s market share was lost, sparking proactive innovation and product development initiatives.