Beauty Company Mitigates Risks While Introducing New Product Formulations

Photo of an amazing beautiful young woman in lingerie underwear looking at mirror apply her lipstick lip gloss doing makeup.
Knowledge is power. Especially right before you launch.
A mass-brand cosmetics leader has developed 2 new natural lipstick formulations for their legacy brand to gain space in the natural cosmetic category. In addition to determining the preferred new formulation among general consumers, the brand wanted to make sure the change did not evoke any negativity by loyal consumers.


The brand was able to save over $18M in marketing and R&D as they were able to maintain current customer satisfaction.

Our Approach

We conducted a Sequential Monadic Complete Block 12-day Home Use Test, testing the 2 new formulations in comparison with their legacy product and a top competitor, with drydown periods between usage of each product across the US.

A timeline was designed for consumers to follow and evaluate 4 blind lipstick products for 3 days each with a dry-down before each product

Targeted Consumers to partake in the study fall within different product users

  • Current heavy product users
  • Other mass brand users who are non-users
  • Influencers/Early adopters
  • General consumers

Day 0-2

Use first product

Days 3-4

Dry-down; Cannot wear
any lip products

Days 5-7

Use second product.

Days 8-9

Dry-down; Cannot
wear any lip products

Days 10-12

Use third product