Health and nutrition meets indulgence with consumer-led innovation

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Take a bite out of healthy indulgence
An established multinational dairy food client sought to understand consumer preferences to develop new health-focused premium products across their largest brands.


Consumer-driven innovations forged a new path for the client into premium product placements, with a focus on unique and healthy flavor blends.

Our Approach

Curion’s consumer-driven Co-Creation methodology worked with a concentrated target market that documented their product experience and journey. Then, consumers gathered to participate in focused sessions where various components were evaluated to support flavor choices and other key focus areas to align with health and nutritional guidelines.



A detailed roadmap was delivered to the client, outlining new strategies around premium and health-focused flavors, textures, nutrition, inclusions, and packaging. 

Areas of opportunity were recommended as Curion collaborates closely on a regular basis, building on our repertoire of trust, innovation, and partnership.


Focus group discussions on product experience, packaging concepts, and consumer appeal around each offering.

Interactive workshop stations that welcomed co-creation between the client and their consumers that revealed deep insights around multiple flavor combinations.

Prototype builds were created around new flavor concepts, leading to key discussions on product performance and consumer experience against the concept idea.

CLT testing was performed on new prototypes against existing line to assess acceptability and market readiness.